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ORTHOS XXI 30th anniversary

ORTHOS XXI 30th anniversary
Orthos XXI is a manufacturer and distributor of orthopaedic material and hospital devices located in Portugal, EU, with 30 years’ experience. We have a wide range of own manufactured products (hospital and nursing home beds and other hospital equipment, manual and electric wheelchairs, walking aids, hoists and harnesses, …). We also distribute other products from reputed companies, thus offering a wide catalogue in the medical and orthopaedic sectors. We currently have 9 product areas, as follows: 1. Mobility 2. Bath 3. Paediatrics 4. Geriatrics 5. Bariatric 6. Hospital 7. Transfert 8. Anti-scabs & Comfort 9. Positioning and Compression The very fact that we are manufacturers located in Europe, opens up the possibility of developing new and customised products to suit the customer’s needs. The quality of Orthos XXI products can be validated in the best hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, where they have been chosen among others, both in private and in public tenders. Orthos XXI manufactures Class 1 medical devices and bear the EC brand according to the 93/42/CEE Directive. To further ensure the quality and robustness of its products, Orthos XXI’ medical devices are tested in a well-recognised Institute in Spain, IBV (Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia). Orthos XXI is also certified under ISO 9000:2001 standards. Orthos XXI regularly exports to a number of countries in Europe, besides other markets.